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Sorbet's beautiful and versatile hammam towels are an essential item for travel and in the home.

They are the perfect holiday towel - lightweight, compact and quick-drying; they even double up as a sarong!

Also ideal for swimming, sailing, camping, festivals and picnics. Sorbet towels are lovely at home too - in the bathroom, as guest towels, or as a throw or table cloth.

Sorbet hammam towels are 100% cotton and available in 28 mouth-watering colours. why not buy family or friends a towel in their favourite colour - they make great presents!

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If I see the word ‘spooktacular’ one more time, I may scream (from frustration, not horror!). My email account is now pinging at an alarming rate offering me ‘spooktacular October savings’ and wishing me a ‘spooktacular half-term holiday’.

The October half-term, falling in between the big spend of the six-week summer holiday and the even bigger spend of Christmas, often creeps up (Halloween/ spidery pun intended) unexpectedly. If you're anything like my family, we opt for a more low-key, local-activity approach to the week, in an attempt to save a little and avoid the over-commercialised run up to Halloween. But how to plan a week’s worth of activities for our kids?

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Hammam towels make a great gym bag essential. If you’re a regular gym goer, you’ll know there are a few things you need to pack in your bag in order to get the best gym experience. And of course, a towel is a pretty essential part of your gym kit. But, instead of taking an ordinary, chunky towel to the gym, we recommend taking a hammam towel.

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