About Sorbet Hammam Towels

On a beach in Turkey back in 2011, we fell head over heels with these gorgeous coloured hammam towels.  It was more than a holiday romance...

 As these traditionally made cotton hammam towels were so soft, absorbent and had so many uses, we couldn't wait to bring some home to Clapham SW4. Our friends and family liked them so much, finding uses for them beyond the beach, as swim/gym towels, sarongs, throws, table cloths and more.

We stuffed our suitcases full, but everyone wanted more than we could carry. So we delved into the hammam towel business and found traditional weavers in deepest rural Turkey.  Our authentic suppliers still make hammam towels the old fashioned way, woven with top quality Turkish cotton and finished with hand-tied tassels.


As the eye-catching colours reminded us of our favourite ice creams and summer coolers, we called ourselves Sorbet and launched in June 2011.


Fast forward a few years, we now offer our original Sorbet hammam towels in 28 mouth watering colours!


Take a look at our full hammam towel range, you’ll fall in love with them too.


Sorbet Hammam towels on the beach in Turkey



”It’s all about the colours…” Amanda, director of Sorbet Ltd, gives her account of the Sorbet story.