Hammam Towel Uses

sorbet hammam towels have many uses

Sorbet's turkish hammam towels are extremely versatile and have many practical uses. An essential all-year-round item, hammam towels are fast-drying, lightweight and compact - hardly taking up any room in your bag or suitcase. Why not buy family or friends a unique hammam towel in their favourite colour - they make great presents. Made from 100% cotton, these traditional towels are available in an appetising selection of  28 mouth-watering colours. Here are some ides of the many uses of a sorbet hammam towel!
A hammam towel is perfect for swimming. Ideal if taking the whole family to the swimming baths - there will be enough room in your bag to take one towel each! Compact & lightweight for travelling - sorbet hammam towels are more practical than bulky towels - no more will you struggle fitting the towels in the suitcase. Handy for sailing and watersports, hammam towels are the best towels at sea, useful and quick to dry. There are plenty of lovely 'nautical' colours in our range. 
Invaluable for camping & festivals - our quicker to dry hammam towels easily fit in your rucksack and they are just so practical around the campsite - as a towel, blanket, table cloth...etc Use as table cloths & throws around the home. Hammam towels are also great guest towels. Easier to wash and dry once guests have left - no more drying lots of towels on radiators! An easy-to-clean gym bag essential. Sorbet hammam towels can roll up easily and are so compact in your work bag - more room for all your other things. Your friends will definitely want one too!
Use a hammam towel as a picnic blanket - we have a great selection of colours! Always have a few in your bag especially when taking the kids on a day trip. Take one with you to the beach to use as a towel, a stylish cover-up or on the sun-lounger.  We have lots of summery colours to match your swimwear. Soft & cuddly hammam towels are great for little ones. We offer two sizes - large is ideal for 3 year olds and upwards and small is the right size for babies and toddlers.


Sorbet hammam towels come in two sizes: large (180x100cm) and small (90x 50cm).  
Large hammam towels (available in 28 colours) are ideal as swimming or bath towels, beach cover-ups, picnic rugs, table cloths or throws. They weigh less than 300g and are a perfect size for hand luggage or tucked into your gym bag.
Small hammam towels (available in 17 colours) are a good size for hand or guest towels, taming hair after washing or as a snug wrap for little ones. They are also great around the kitchen.