Beanie Care Guide

Our care guide to keep your beanies in tip-top condition

Wool in a basket

The 100% Merino used for our hats comes from a variety of Uruguayan farms, taken from free range sheep shepherded in the traditional way on lush pasture land. Merino wool is taken from the coats of sheep and is extremely sustainable, as long as they have grass to graze on they will always produce a yearly fleece making wool a renewable source and 100% natural.

Washing your beanie

Woollen garments hardly ever need washing, as the fibres are breathable and do not absorb odours. So here at sorbet we suggest only washing our beanies when absolutely necessary.

First of all - If your beanie has a pom pom we recommend you always remove it before washing, it’s been lovingly handmade and the crowning glory so doesn’t like being dunked in water! Untie from the inside of the hat and replace the same way when your beanie is washed and dry.

Always handwash our beanies with cool water using a mild detergent specifically for wool and always avoid stretching and pulling whilst doing so. And never leave your beanie to soak for too long as this can cause pilling, always rinse through with fresh cool water.

We also recommend never using a fabric softener when washing your beanie as it can also cause pilling of this natural yarn.

Drying your beanie

We like to place our beanies on a small clean towel, rolling the towel up and squeezing out any excess water. Avoid twisting and wringing dry as this can alter the shape of your garment.

To speed up the drying process, you can put your towel-wrapped beanie on top of a radiator to warm through.

No No’s

Do not use bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean

    Storing your beanie

    When not wearing your beanie or in-between wears store it safely away in the little bag we have packaged it in, this will help preserve it perfectly and avoid getting it snagged on any other clothing or jewellery.  

    Moth Damage

    Those pesky moth caterpillars eat the wool fibres in merino wool causing holes to appear and typically when merino wool garments are stored away for extended periods. Before storing your beanie we suggest it is cleaned beforehand and stored in the little bag we sent it in!