Crochet Jumpers

Beautiful crochet jumpers handmade by Amelie

We are so excited to launch a brand new range of crochet jumpers in a variety of gorgeous colour combinations and handmade here in the UK.
Amelie (pictured above), a good friend of Sorbet, taught herself to crochet and gradually progressed to making jumpers. She soon realised they were her favourite items to make and loves coming up with different colour combinations, as well as exploring the combination of different textures.
Her love of nature and environments around the world led Amelie to start naming the jumpers after the plants she found them to resemble so clearly.
She enjoys having the freedom to come up with jumper styles to suit every season, starting with light summer evening layers to thicker autumnal and winter designs.
The yarn she uses varies in its content and Amelie visits yarn shops around the UK frequently picking colours that catch her eye.
We hope you enjoy wearing your beautiful crochet jumper as much as
we do here at sorbet.