Travel blogger Absolutely Lucy recently reviewed our towels and wraps for her latest trips away and we absolutely love the gorgeous photos she's taken!

Girl at the beach sitting on a hammam towel

Remarking on our vibrant hammam towels, she writes: 

"Last summer I spent a month road-tripping around Europe and these would be perfect additions to your van or campsite. If you’re planning on a festival this summer – they would be great for creating a colourful campsite."

Girl on beach with Sorbet hammam towels

She also found our hammam wraps to be truly versatile:

"The coral Hammam Wrap is my new favourite travel accessory and I can’t wait to take it on my next big trip in September.  It’s incredibly soft thanks to being hand loomed with a stonewashed effect. It would be perfect for snuggling up on a long flight or bus ride. I never travel without a scarf or pashmina to protect me from the chilly air-con.

These also double up well as a cover-up if you’re visiting religious areas. What I love the most, is that as well as being practical for all your travel needs. It’s also really stylish and would be a great evening accessory. I’m all for anything that brings a splash of colour to my outfits – and this is such a gorgeous shade."

Girl on a beach with hammam wrap

Thanks so much Lucy for your lovely words, we're so glad the hammam wrap has reached 'favourite travel accessory' status!  Read Lucy's full review here and for more travel advice and fun, follow her adventures over on Absolutely Lucy.


Featured in this article is the Satsuma and Turquoise Coast hammam towels and the Pink Coral hammam wrap.