Cathy, from award-winning travel blog Mummy Travels, reviewed some of our towels for her recent trip to Aruba, with daughter Minnie in tow.  

Mummy Travels reviews Sorbet towels

She chose 'Bubblegum Swirl' from our Ice Cream Collection and 'Sorbet Pink' from our Bamboo collection.  Here's a little snippet from her review.

"Both came everywhere with us in Aruba, drying us off after snorkelling during a day tour, acting as beach towels, entertaining a curious gecko with the tassels… we even discovered that you can wrap one petite seven-year-old girl up entirely in the bubblegum swirl towel.

Even if I can’t quite remember why she was hiding…

They’ve come home covered in sand, sunscreen, frozen strawberry drink (I blame Minnie for that, I didn’t waste a drop of *my* frozen strawberry drink!) – which shows just how well loved and used they’ve been. And emerged perfect and pristine from the washing machine in time to (hopefully) double as a beach towel in Devon too."


Thanks so much to Cathy for the wonderful review, we're so pleased you found them useful!  For the full article and more travel tips, head to Cathy's blog.