Zena's Suitcase recently reviewed our hammam towels for her family's summer travels to Genoa and Seville.  Travelling with kids eager to dive into the pool once they'd arrived, she ready-packed their swimming bags with our lightweight hammam towels.   

Hammam towel beside the pool

"Sorbet gifted us a pair of large (180*100) Hamman towels and they are such a great size.  Not only did they make great towels, but I was also able to wear them as a sarong really easily. In fact, Sorbet Hamman towels are really versatile. They can be used as wraps, throws, table cloths and even scarfs.

It’s the practical kind of item you want in every family suitcase really!

As a towel, they are really absorbent and super soft which is perfect for both children and adults.  The ice cream like colours also makes them a fun accessory for by the pool or on the beach.  The other thing about Sorbet towels that I think Zena’s Suitcase readers will love is that they dry really quickly, so they are ready for the next trip to the pool or beach in no time!"

Swimming pool with hammam towel

Thanks to Zena for the lovely review and we hope the kids had a great time by the pool!  Head over to Zena's Suitcase for the full review and more travel inspiration, plus a chance to win 2 hammam towels - be quick, the competition closes 30th August!