ways to use a Turkish hammam towel

It goes without saying that our Turkish Hammam towels are quick drying and absorbent towels. But these handy hammams can be used for more than just drying-off after you get out the bath. Here is your guide to at least 9 ways to use a Turkish hammam towel.

1. Ideal for swimming trips

Turkish Hammam towels are designed to be absorbent and fast drying, meaning that you won’t be carrying heavy, sodden towels around after a swimming session.

Older children who enjoy going on swimming trips with school or with friends can benefit from a Turkish hammam towel too. Swap their regular towel with a hammam towel for a light weight alternative.

2. Lightweight and compact makes hammam towels perfect for travel

We speak from first hand experience when we say that hammam towels are the most useful accessories to take on your travels. Say goodbye to heavy, bulky towels and hello to lightweight bliss. These stylish Turkish hammam towels roll up so small and light that they can even fit in your hand luggage. What’s more, they can double up as a beach cover-up to save even more space in your bag. Perfect if you are dreaming of a quick getaway without the hefty costs of hold luggage.

3. Handy for sailing and water sports:

Since Turkish hammam towels are so lightweight and fast drying, they are an ideal companion for watersports and sailing trips.

4. A camping or festival must have:

Turkish Hammam towels are a camping kit essential. Create a stylish wrap around skirt, a picnic blanket, a shawl for chilly nights, and a towel to dry yourself, or a small towel to dry your pots and pans after washing-up. These are just some of the uses of a Turkish Hammam towel whilst camping or at a festival.

5. Useful for around the home:

Being so absorbent and quick-drying, our smaller hammam towels make perfect tea towels. The simple design and range of mouthwatering colours also mean you can change the look of a room by using these hammam towels as a table cloth or throw.

6. A gym bag essential:

Gone are the days of heavy gym bags when you own a Turksih hammam towel. These are the easy-clean, lightweight and ultra absorbent option to a regular towel. Which is great for anyone who has a husband like mine who likes to hide soggy towels in the bottom of his gym bag…

7. Picnics at the park

No picnic would be complete without a picnic blanket! These light and colourful hammam towels are perfect for sunny day picnics at the park. They’re large enough to sit on, but easy to roll-up and pack away in your picnic bag.

8. Hitting the beach

If the thought of soggy towels covered with sand would send you packing off the beach rather than to it, then you need a Turkish hammam towel to show you how beach days are really done. Pack a Turkish hammam towel for your day at the beach and not only will your bag be lighter, but you can also use your hammam towel as a stylish sarong to hit the beach bar as the sun sets!

9. Great for babies and children

Babies and children love to play in the water, but many hate the cold wetness of getting dry. Since hammam towels are soft and absorbent, drying time is snuggly and warm. Use the smaller hammam towels as a burping cloth for young babies or the larger ones as a feeding cover up when out and about. They’re also perfect for keeping the sun off little legs in the stroller or baby carrier.

Whatever you use yours for, these 9 ways to use your Turkish hammam towel are just the tip of the iceberg. Have you found another use for your Sorbet hammam towel? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch on Facebook, or send us your hammam pics on Instagram @sorbetltd.