The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching and if you're stuck for ideas, we have some fantastic buys to ensure you and your loved ones have a colourful Christmas this year.

Sorbet Towels Gift Guide Traveller

Our towels are so compact and lightweight they are perfect for rolling up in your suitcase.  Ideal for your frequent flyer friends or even if you have a son or daughter on a gap year heading off on a round-the-world trip in the new year.

SORBET TOWELS CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE home gift bathroom interiors diy home decor

Our towels have plenty of uses around the home and our soft colours are sure to jazz up any bathroom.  Decorative and practical, even the fussiest of home decorators will love these trendy towels


Everyone knows that one person who can't seem to get enough of the gym!  Our towels are highly absorbent and their compact size means no more carrying around bulky gym bags.  These would also offer some great encouragement to those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle once the festivities are over.

Sorbet Towels Gift Guide Sailing Boating OutdoorsSimilarly these towels will make great gifts for any boating enthusiasts out there.  Absorbent in the wet conditions and fast-drying in the dry, they can also be used to cover up in the sunshine.

Sorbet Towels Gift Guide Throws Covers Home Decor Blanket

Grandparents, aunties, uncles and more will love our beautiful herringbone weave throws that double up as snuggly blankets.  What's more, our neutral colour scheme is bound to fit in the majority of people's homes.

Sorbet Towels Gift Guide His n Hers Towels

 Looking to buy a gift for a couple?  A set of His 'n' Hers towels for home or for travel could be the ideal solution.  Be sure to pick out their favourite colours!

SORBET TOWELS CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE Campers, Festival Goers, Travellers, Revellers

For a weekend away camping, a Sorbet towel is essential packing.  Aside from being absorbent and quick drying, they can also help to keep you warm and dry at night.  If you know a regular camper or festival-goer, this will be the perfect gift for them.

SORBET TOWELS CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE kids little ones toddlers

And not forgetting the kids this Christmas!  Our smaller towels are the ideal size for toddlers up to three years, and can be used as a towel or blanket, or both.  Whether you use it at home or on holiday, your little ones are certain to be delighted with their own personal towel in their favourite colour.


Sorbet Towels Gift Guide Gift Card

We also have gift cards available so you can be sure that your loved one will be getting the item and colour they truly want.