This summer’s festival season is already upon us, with events such as Glastonbury, Latitude and Bestival lined up in the UK alone, as well as multiple locations across the world hosting events every weekend through until September - that’s a lot of celebrating outdoors in all weathers! 

As seasoned hammam towel fans here at Sorbet, we know that these pure cotton gems aren't just for the beach.  Think of them as portable home comforts; when you're in a home away from home, these hammam towels are on hand to make your camping experience far easier and more enjoyable. 

Heading to a festival this summer?  Here are 6 reasons why you’ll be lost without your Sorbet towel.

Time out Festival

1. Light Packing

We all know that packing lightly is a priority for any event or festival. Some may even think of ditching a conventional towel to save room, in favour of 'roughing it' for the weekend.

This is where Sorbet Turkish towels become the nomadic camper’s dream.  

Unlike a bulky terry towel, a hammam's tight, flat weave means you can roll them up tightly without compromising space in your bag.  Plus they're made with light cotton fibre that won't weigh you down, so-much-so that you'll barely notice you're carrying one around.  

The best part is, this means more space for the fun things in your festival backpack! 


2. Hygiene

If you’re lucky enough to have facilities wherever you’re camping, you’ll be so glad you packed your Sorbet hammam towel. 

While they'll help you to dry off thoroughly after a shower, these towels also dry themselves very quickly, meaning you can either leave it in your tent, or take it with you for the day.

If your campsite doesn’t bear these luxuries however, there is of course the more natural kind of ‘shower’... a friendly Sorbet towel is perfect way to dry off if you’re unlucky enough to get caught in a rainstorm!  Which leads us nicely to our next point.


3. Protection from the Elements

The weather, especially in the UK, is never that predictable, often burning hot one minute and freezing cold and wet the next. 

While it is always advisable to be prepared for all weathers at your particular event and seek shelter in adverse conditions, your Sorbet towel can offer you some temporary protection if you get caught short. 

Used as a cover up against sun, wind or rain, the humble hammam towel does it all.  Take it along for all weathers, it’s light enough to carry around with you all day.


4. Time to Sleep

Any experienced camper knows how the temperature can drop suddenly overnight and how sometimes a sleeping bag alone just doesn’t seem to cut it. 

Though it won’t have the thermal properties of an actual blanket, a hammam towel can offer you that little extra layer of protection to see you through the summery nights, so it's great to lay over your sleeping bag.  There’ll also be no mistaking whose bed is whose!

Be the envy of your camping buddies as you snuggle up with your towel for the night, feeling smug that you were able to squeeze that extra towel into your luggage purely for this purpose. 


5. Picnicking

Every now and then, isn’t it great just to find a grassy spot with your friends or family, maybe grab some food, and sit back from the festival to take in the atmosphere while the action goes on around you.  

The large sized Sorbet hammam towels make ideal picnic blankets, especially if you lay a few next to each other for everyone to sit on. 

Equally you could set these up around your tent to create a social space for you and your friends to hang out between performances.  The perfect setting for some of those colourful festival selfies we all know you’ll be taking!


6. I’m Here!

Faced with a daunting sea of green and blue canvas, ever forgotten exactly where it was you pitched your tent…?  Us too.  

A small Sorbet hand towel makes the perfect flag or banner for your camp so your friends/family will always be able to spot the colourful beacon wherever they are.  Now all you have to worry about is navigating the guy ropes along the way…

If you’re feeling really in the festival spirit you can even customise your hammam towel for further effect, it makes the perfect blank canvas.  Get creative with fabric paints, patches, transfers or embroidery to personalise your towel and create some funky banners, either for your pitch or show support for your favourite artists.


You can see why we 'rave' so much about our versatile towels!  Have you found any more practical uses for your handy hammams?  We’d love to know your suggestions, tell us via our social media channels @sorbettowels.  Better yet, send us your festival selfies posing with your Sorbet towel, we love to see the colour!