hammam towel for gym

Hammam towels make a great gym bag essential. If you’re a regular gym goer, you’ll know there are a few things you need to pack in your bag in order to get the best gym experience. And of course, a towel is a pretty essential part of your gym kit. But, instead of taking an ordinary, chunky towel to the gym, we recommend taking a hammam towel.

So what makes Sorbet towels so useful for going to the gym?

Hammam towels are very compact

Because hammam towels are made from fine, flat-weave cotton they can be folded, rolled or rolled-up into a small space. If you find that your towel takes-up up most of the space in your gym bag, then using a Sorbet towel could be your answer. Substituting a large, conventional towel for a hammam towel means you might even be able to use a smaller gym bag. Which is much more practical if you’re carrying your gym bag on the daily commute to and from work.

Hammam towels are light

Water bottle, high-energy snacks, heart rate monitor, disinfectant wipes, shower shoes, shower gel, towel, deodorant – these are some of the things that people consider to be essential for proper training. All of that kit can make for a heavy gym bag. Using a lightweight hammam towel keeps the weight of your gym bag down. Whilst they’re still soft and absorbent, they don’t retain as much water as a conventional towel. Which means, even when wet, a hammam towel doesn’t add extra weight to your gym bag.

Hammam towels are easy to clean

Having a clean towel is a priority for a gym bag – a stale, damp towel at the bottom of your gym bag is not an appealing prospect after a busy workout. Hammam towels are very easy to clean. Just machine wash warm as you would your usual laundry and they won’t pill, shed or lose their colour. In fact, they actually improve with washing as it makes them softer to the touch. They also dry very quickly – so even if you don’t have a tumble dryer, your hammam towel will still be dry and ready for your gym bag the next morning.

Take a look at our gorgeous range of colours to chose one for your gym kit, or find out some more uses of our versatile hammam towels.