Hammam towel uses swimming

Hammam towels come from centuries-old traditions of being used at Turkish baths. You might not be planning on taking the family for a day out at a Turkish hammam, but the qualities that made these towels perfect for use in a steamy bathhouse are the very same qualities that make hammam towels a useful necessity for a trip to the pool.

Swimming pools are wet (not really surprising!) and often humid. That’s why a towel that is designed to be absorbent, yet lightweight is ideal for packing in your swim bag. Hammam towels weigh about a third of your standard terry weave towel in the same size, yet are able to absorb water at the same capacity.

Hammam towels take-up less space in your bag

Because they’re made of flat weave cotton, rather than the conventional loop/pile construction, they also roll up into a compact space. This means that they take-up a lot less space in your bag. One of our large Sorbet hammam towels can easily roll-up into a 25cm x 10cm space. A small hammam towel rolls-up into a 13cm x 7cm space. That’s particularly handy if you want to pop to the pool on the way home from work. You don’t need to lug around a big gym bag all day before you head to the swimming pool. Its also useful if your child is going swimming as part of their school day as it can roll up to fit easily into their swim bag.

Hammam towels are great for families and mums are always telling us how useful they find them. And as mums ourselves, we wouldn’t be without them for our own families. Somehow a trip to the pool with the kids always involves carrying bags and bags of swimming paraphernalia. Anyone would think we were moving in! But because they’re so compact, hammam towels make it easy to take a towel for everyone, without carrying hoards of baggage around. Kids can choose their favourite colour and everyone knows whose towel belongs to whom. 

And as a side note to any mums and dads that are swamped by laundry...

Hammam towels require less water to wash (so you can fit more in your washing machine) and dry more quickly than a conventional terry towel. So the weekly swim doesn’t need to result in drowning in piles of laundry upon your return. 

Sorbet hammam towels come in two sizes

The small size is ideal for babies and toddlers, and we recommend our larger towels for 3 year olds and upwards. That’s the whole family sorted!

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