hammam towels travel

Hammam towels are a travel essential.. Whether you’re trekking in the South American jungle, sunning yourself in St. Barts, or sightseeing in Paris, a hammam towel will always come in handy. 

Hammam towels make it easier to pack light

Seasoned travellers will have their packing down to a fine art. You know which essentials you need, what to leave behind and how much space you have to squeeze in a few souvenirs. Dragging a heavy backpack around from destination to destination isn’t an option you’re keen to explore.

One of the most practical things about hammam towels is their lightweight, compact nature. Because they’re made from finely woven cotton, they’re much thinner than your average chunky towel. That means they can be rolled-up into a tight ball to squeeze into the smallest of spaces, instead of taking-up a large portion of your suitcase like a normal towel. They’re also incredibly light, even when damp, so offer a handy solution to keeping your bag within your luggage allowance.

Lightweight and compact doesn’t mean hammam towels don’t do the job

You’d be forgiven for thinking that because hammam towels aren’t as chunky as your usual beach towel, they’re not as effective as absorbing water. In fact, hammam towels are very absorbent, and because they’re made from flat-woven cotton they dry a lot faster than normal towels. When you’re on the move a lot that’s particularly handy. Just hang your damp hammam over a hotel door or spread it out on a sun lounger and it’ll be dry in no time.

And then there’s the fact that hammam towels are so versatile…

It’s first and foremost a towel, but a hammam can be handy in many different situations when travelling. It makes a stylish cover-up on the beach; it can be spread out as a picnic blanket when stopping for a rest (in that South American jungle we mentioned earlier); it’s a life-saver on long-haul flights when you need to freshen-up or mop-up spills (especially the smaller hammam towels which take-up next to no room in your hand luggage); and its also ideal for whipping out of your back-pack and covering-up when necessary – especially useful if you’re visiting temples, churches or other cultural sights where it’s respectful to cover-up.

For something that takes-up such a minimal amount of space in your luggage, a hammam towel provides a surprising amount of practical travel solutions. That’s why we’re not exaggerating when we say that a hammam towel is an essential travel accessory.

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