Hammam towels aren’t just for holidays! Sorbet’s hammam towels, wraps and throws are simply brilliant around the home and we wanted to share how we love using them every day.

Hammam towels in the basket
The best thing about hammam towels is that they are easy to clean, absorbent and dry quickly, making them more hygienic for daily use and putting an end to heavy, damp towels drying on the radiators for hours and hours.

They may be lightweight, yet hammam towels are still as soft and snuggly as a regular towel and only get better with each wash. Made from 100% cotton (or 50% bamboo & 50% cotton in our bamboo/cotton mix range), our towels are kind to skin and toddlers love to cuddle into them after a bath.

Hammam towels also have a natural, aesthetic beauty which makes them brilliant for mixing and matching to fit in with your home scheme. We have over 30 different colours including candy shades, pastels, sea blues & greens, zesty citrus colours, urbans and neutrals.

With their myriad of versatile uses and vibrant colours you’ll find hammam towels completely invaluable around the home. Here’s some of our favourite ways to use them:



Hammam towels in the bathroom
We adore using our large hammam towels in the bathroom. Becoming softer with each use, they’re easy to wear as a sarong once out of the bathroom and our matching small towels make great hair towels, staying in place on top of your head.

With so many colours to choose from, each member of your household can have their own hammam towel in their favourite colour – it certainly makes it easier to know whose towel is whose!


Kitchen / Cloakroom


Hammam towels in the kitchen
Our small hammam towels are perfect for the kitchen, not only as a hand towel but they also dry dishes and glassware really well. We particularly like the bright colours for adding a splash of colour and cheering up the kitchen, a cloakroom or downstairs bathroom.



Dining al fresco in the garden
Hammam towels are just as handy in the garden for sunbathing or after jumping out of the paddling pool, while our hammam wraps are brilliant to have on hand if you need an extra layer or cover-up.

For dining al fresco in the summer months, hammam towels make an easily washable, attractive tablecloth for your BBQ spread. Alternatively, our larger herringbone throws make brilliant picnic rugs for the whole family to sit on.

Lounge and Bedroom

Throw on the sofa
Similarly, our decorative throws or wraps bring real warmth to a bedroom or lounge, serving a secondary purpose as a snuggly blanket for chillier nights. Keep them within easy reach by draping over the bed as a runner, or over the sofa arm for when you need them.

Hammam towels for the bedroom


Hammam towels for pets
Not forgetting our furry family members, hammam towels and wraps are perfect for bathing your best friend and they are also useful to protect the sofa or pet beds which they love snuggling into.