Sorbet hammam towels for everyday use

We may have mentioned once or twice that our hammam towels make excellent travel towels for trips abroad and days at the beach. But here at Sorbet we’ve been totally converted into replacing our traditional towels with hammam towels - not just when travelling, but in every day use at home.

Here are a few reasons why we reckon Turkish hammam towels are better than normal towels for every day use.

Quick drying hammam towels cut down on wet laundry hanging around the house

If, like mine, your house looks something akin to a Chinese laundry after a heavy wash-load, you can cut down on damp laundry hanging around the place by replacing your chunky bath towels with hammam towels. Unlike, your normal towels, hammam towels dry in no time when spread out over a radiator in the winter, or hung on the line in warm weather.

Hammam towels can double-up as soft furnishings around the home

With our variety of 28 different colours, Sorbet hammam towels are easy to match to your existing colour schemes or can be used as a simple way to freshen-up an interior design theme. They look great as tablecloths, especially on the patio in the summer; I recently used the vibrant Turquoise Coast Sorbet Hammam Towel to jazz up a table for a first birthday party BBQ. Folded-up into a neat pile, they look amazing as a bathroom display, particularly if you use several colours. They also look fab as a throw or blanket in the sunroom or conservatory, instantly changing the feel of a room depending on the shade you use. Try using pastel shades like our Rose or Spearmint hammam towels to create a pretty country-cottage vibe, or create an on-trend coastal theme with beachy colours like Turkish Sea or Redcurrant hammam towels. The more urban colours like Sorbet’s Liquorice, Earl Grey or Coconut hammam towels work well as regular towels in your bathroom to create a stylish, chic feel. 

sorbet hammam towel for everyday use

Sorbet hammam towels are perfect for the kids

They may be lightweight, but hammam towels are still soft and snuggly. Sorbet hammam towels are made from 100% cotton, so they’re perfect as toddler or baby towels to cuddle up into after a bath. They’re also pretty useful for the garden after jumping out of the paddling pool, or using as a picnic rug or hammock on lazy summer days. Hammam towels are especially handy for swimming trips. No need for your child to be lugging around bulging bags filled with damp, bulky towels – hammam towels easily fold down or roll-up compactly to take-up less space in your kid’s swimming bag.

Sorbet hammam towel for every day use

Hammam towels are practical guest towels

We all know what its like trying to fit piles of bed sheets in the washing machine as well as big, bulky towels after guests have departed. Hammam towels are a practical alternative to conventional towels when it comes to guest towels, either in your own home or in a holiday home. Because they’re so compact, they won’t fill your washing machine with load after load of laundry, and they’ll be dry enough to fold away in a cupboard far quicker than ordinary towels. They also come in small and large sizes so guests can have a hand towel and a bath towel.

Small hammam towels are handy for every day use

Our small hammam towels are fabulous in the kitchen – we particularly like the nice bright colours for adding a splash of colour. Not only can you choose from our 28 colours to match your colour scheme in the kitchen, but they also dry dishes really well, especially glassware. They work well as hand towels upstairs and downstairs, cheering up a cloakroom or downstairs bathroom. And being so light and easy to tie around your head, Sorbet’s small hammam towels are perfect for drying your hair.

sorbet hammam towel for every day use

So throw away those big chunky towels that take forever to dry and convert to the cotton hammam towel – you won’t look back…