hammam towel uses around the home

Hammam towels are ideal for holidays beach trips, but they’re also handy to use everyday around the home. We’ve got five great reasons why you should ditch your chunky towels around the home and replace them with a Turkish Hamman towel. In fact we’ve tied them into all those little annoyances you put up with on a daily basis.

Hamman towels free up space on the drying rack

You know that moment when the BBC weather app is completely wrong. It’s told you the weather will be warm and sunny, so on goes the big wash. An hour later it’s tipping with rain and you’ve got a massive pile of sodden washing. Now re-imagine the scene, this time with a pile of Hamman towels. They’re so thin and lightweight that they take up little space on the indoor drying rack and take very little time to dry.

No-one else will use your towel

It’s never fun to climb out of the shower and find your towel was used by the previous occupant. The problem is we often buy towels that are similar shades or even the same colour. Hamman towels come in 28 colours and they’re so stylish that even if you picked the most contrasting ones, they’d still look great together. Try Blueberry, Cucumber and Zesty Lemon. No chance of mistakes with those colours!

Hamman towels can be a plus for allergy sufferers

If you’re like me, allergens are a constant irritancy that lead to sneezing fits throughout the day. But the great news is that exchanging Hamman towels for your conventional towels will actually help allergy sufferers. Hamman towels are flat-woven, so they don’t have the loop/pile construction of normal towels that trap allergens.

Ideal guest towels

Because they’re easy to roll-up and store away, hammam towels are great for keeping ready for guests to use. They also reduce the amount of laundry you’ll be left with when you’re guests have left. Because they’re so compact you can fit more hammam towels in your washing machine than traditional chunky towels. And as we said before, they’ll dry much more quickly too.

Use hammam towels to freshen-up your home

When did you last peruse Ideal Home magazine? If you’re like me you enviously flick through and cynically wonder how long it took for the occupants to clear up the piles of toys and general rubbish before the immaculate photos were taken. The problem is, trends come and go. And following trends can be expensive. Hamman towels are simple way to spruce-up an interior design scheme. They work well as table cloths, or a throw in the sunroom or conservatory, and look great folded-up in a neat pile as a bathroom display.

Read on to find out how Hamman towels can double-up as soft furnishings around the home.