pack light with a compact holiday towel

Packing is an art. And the bottom line is always the same, we often pack more than we actually need. But that’s not all. We choose cumbersome items, like heavy beach towels, that could be swapped for their lighter counterparts, hammam towels that make for versatile and compact holiday towels.

To help you out, our team at Sorbet have pulled together our top tips to ensure you just take the essentials this summer.

Tip #1 – Ditch the hefty beach towel for a more compact holiday towel

There’s nothing better than a soft, colourful beach towel to sprawl out on and soak up the rays. With 28 colours to choose from, there’s a Sorbet Turkish Hamman towel for everyone. In fact they’re such compact holiday towels, you could roll up two and still have more space available. That’s one to match each piece of swimwear. Pineapple Sorbet Hamman towel would be my choice!

Tip #2 – Eliminate the doubles

You’ve pulled everything you like out of the wardrobe, your bed is covered with a multitude of clothes, now be ruthless and split the pile. Shoes are the biggies here. Choose the versatile option. If you need some encouragement, think back to last year. Did you really wear everything you took? Only take the clothes you love, and remember your Hamman doubles up as a beach sarong.

Tip #3 – Pour lotions into travel bottles

These little, plastic bottles are an excellent space saver. If you’ve never used them before, now’s your chance. Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, you’ll use less than expected and unless you’re heading somewhere super remote, it’s unlikely you couldn’t buy something local if you ran out. You can buy empty travel bottles on the high street, or re-use any sample bottles you may have swiped from hotels on previous holidays.

Tip #4 – Roll your clothes

It really does use less space. Fold your clothes first and then roll them. Your grandmother may not be overly impressed with the final result and you might need to find an iron the other end, but in terms of packing, it’s a dream.

Tip #5 – One bag for all occasions

Whether you’re heading down to the beach, off for a hike or jumping on a scooter for the day, Sorbet’s stylish Beach Clutch is the perfect accessory to store all those bits and bobs you can’t do without. Your compact holiday towel will fit perfectly in the main bag, with the detachable coin purse easily accessible as you enjoy a sundowner before you head off for a night out.

Tip #6 – Share the love

If you’re travelling with a companion, consider sharing items. Choose a few books that both of you would love to read and then divide between your bags. You could even share some of your toiletries. One person takes the toothpaste, the other takes the shampoo.

Tip #7 – Travel in your heaviest items

Pack your sandals and don your hiking boots. Wear that one thick jumper that you can’t do without. Just make sure you’re wearing whatever takes up the most space. Thankfully you’ve already swapped that weighty beach towel for your compact holiday towel, otherwise it’d be comical!

Tip #8 – Getting gifts home

You’ve succeeded in packing light, but on holiday you’ve spotted loads of lovely gifts to bring home. How about unloading some of those books you’ve read and leaving them for the next traveller to pick up? Use your Hamman towel to snuggly wrap any fragile gifts to protect them in transit as you head home.