hammam towels for kids

Have you seen the Michael McIntyre sketch about leaving the house with and without kids? It’s hilarious. If you’ve got kids, you’ll nod with a knowing smile. So, how can we make the process slightly easier? One of the big problems is all the stuff we need to take with us, everywhere we go. How do we pack less stuff?

Our lightweight, beautiful Hammam towels can be used over and over again, in countless ways. Here are our top four ways that they make living life with kids so much easier.

Wonderfully lightweight and compact

If you’re heading to the beach or the pool with your kids in tow, it’s those beach towels that take up so much space. You almost need a separate bag just to carry the great wad of them, not to mention the beach umbrella, sun tent, buckets and spades. Hammam towels are so lightweight and compact that they can snuggly fit into little backpacks, allowing the kids to carry their own. And they dry so quickly, that you won’t be lugging heavy, wet towels around on the way home.

Stay soft and cuddly for years

After a summer holiday on the beach, normal towels can really take a lot of wear and tear. The constant sea salt and washing can leave them feeling rougher. Unlike normal towels, Hammam towels get softer with washing, keeping their cuddly feel. Your kids will love them and you won’t need to replace their towels every year.

Your kids can pick their own colour

Have you seen all the gorgeous hues available? With 28 colours to choose from, each of your kids can pick their favourite Hammam towel, matching their swimsuits or completely clashing! From Zingy Lime, to Zesty Lemon, the names are as fun as the colours. Having picked their own, your kids are more likely to take ownership of them, hopefully freeing you up (slightly!) at the end of a long, fun day.

Saves space in your changing bag

When did you last empty your baby changing bag and wonder at the amount of stuff you carry around? We’ve trialled our Hammam towels with mums and they don’t look back. Pack one Hammam towel in your bag and use it as a changing/play mat, a towel, a picnic rug, a table cloth, muslin, bib, the list goes on. How stylish will your little one look with the Blue Skies Hammam towel as a bib.

We love to update our selection with new colours, so head over and have a look. You could pick one of our large Hammam’s, perfect for bathtime and a smaller one, ready for those messy moments during the day.