Reasons to travel with a Turkish hammam towel

If you’re anything like me, packing light is not always easy to do. There are so many essentials to remember, particularly when packing for longer travels. Hammam towels are a great solution for travelling. Whether you’re popping across to the continent for a family holiday, backpacking in far-flung locations, camping at a festival or popping out for the day on a sailing trip, Hammam towels make the perfect travel towels. So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons to travel with a Turkish hammam towel:

1. Hammam towels are compact and easy to squash into your luggage

If you’ve ever tried to squash a towel into an already-full bag, or sat on top of an overflowing suitcase, desperately trying to force the zip closed, you’ll know how useful it is for luggage items to fit into teeny-tiny spaces. Unlike your usual bath towels or beach towels, hammam towels are made of finely woven cotton or bamboo. This means that even a large hammam towel can be rolled up compactly so that it takes up only the space of a t-shirt in your luggage. So that gives you plenty of space to pack everything else but the kitchen sink!

2. Excess baggage charges aren’t a problem with lightweight hammam towels

That nervous moment at check-in as your luggage is weighed and you question whether you should have packed that extra pair of shoes… we’ve all been there. Travel isn’t cheap and excess baggage charges are an extra cost that is best avoided if possible. Towels can add a lot of unnecessary weight to your luggage, be it at the airport, trekking in the jungle or on day trips to the beach. Because they are made of fine material, hammam towels are very lightweight, weighing next to nothing in your bag. Travelling with a hammam towel means one less item to add weight to your baggage.

3. Hammam towels are quick-drying

It’s not a nice experience trying to dry yourself with a damp towel, or lugging a wet towel around with you when you’re on the move. Hammam towels are quick-drying, so multiple trips to the beach don’t involve carrying around a soggy, sand-encrusted towel. You can just hang your towel over your hotel door or spread it out in the sun and it’ll be dry in no time.

4. More than just a towel, hammam towels are incredibly versatile

The beauty of hammam towels is that they can be used for so much more than as a towel. They’re great for spreading out as a picnic blanket when out and about. They also make stylish cover-ups for the poolside or on the beach, either around your waist or around your chest as a sarong.

5. Hammam towels make great beach towels

All the best holidays involve a beach somewhere along the road. Lightweight and compact, hammam towels are perfect for rolling-up in your beach bag. Use them as a towel to sunbathe on in between dips in the sea, or as a chic cover-up in the midday sun. And because they’re quick-drying you won’t be carrying a soggy towel around for the rest of the day.

Their practicality and versatility mean there are many reasons to travel with a Turkish hammam towel. Whether you’re lounging around by the hotel pool or taking a camping trip in the wilderness, a hammam towel is the essential companion for your travels.