We here at Sorbet are continually shouting about the versatile merits of the humble hammam towel, spoken with the true belief they will make the best travel towel you will ever own.  

Why are hammam towels so ideal for travel?

With the hammam towel's lightweight woven construction, you no longer need to worry about a bulky terry towel taking up all that precious luggage allowance, ideal for short weekend breaks, or people on the go.

Not only will the super-absorbent pure cotton will dry you off effectively, by leaving the hammam towel in the sun for a short while, it will also dry itself quickly.  So you can soak up that last minute sun on the beach, pack your case and still breeze to the airport without dragging around a damp towel. 

Why our customers love travelling with hammam towels

But don't just take our word for it - our customers love our hammam towels just as much as we do, citing everything from how well they wash to how practical they are as a lightweight travel towel.

Share your story for a chance to win two towels!

Enter Sorbet's Travelling Towel blog.  We love to see where our towels have travelled and so we'd like to give our customers a platform to express how our hammam towels have benefitted them whilst on their travels.  

This section of the blog intends to give you some travel inspiration for your next holiday, whilst seeking out new ways to get the most out of your travel hammam towel.  All direct from each others' experiences.

Let us know about your latest trip with Sorbet hammam towels for your chance to appear with your story here and win two large towels of your choice.  All you need to do is:

  • Tell us where you went and when
  • At least 3 things you recommend to see or do
  • Let us know how your hammam towels came in handy while you were away
  • Write a minimum of 400-500 words (that's about the length of this blog post)
  • Don't forget to include a picture(s) of you making the most of your hammam towel

Here’s some inspiration:

Perhaps you took your hammam towel on like Sorbet founder Amanda did, and found them useful for keeping off the hot sun.

Or maybe you were caught out by some rainy weather but you were glad you packed your colourful towels in your backpack to help you dry off.

You may even have travelled somewhere spiritual, where modest dressing is encouraged, and found your hammam towel made the perfect cover-up.

Enter competition

If you'd like to submit a piece for a chance to win two hammam towels of your choice, you can do so to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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